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Brand Energy Marketing helps companies tell their story through the use of branded merchandise. Leveraging a unique network of manufacturers all across the nation gives us the opportunity to share innovative & exciting ideas.

Between interactive presentations, on-demand order status, company shops, logo design and more, we can help bring your brand to life in an exciting way!

Gone are the days of creating cheap (and cheaply made) items with your logo on them that are destined for the landfill. Our belief is that when you give someone a tangible piece of your brand, both the message and product should be:

  • useful
  • stealable
  • memorable

Along with those goals in mind, we also provide product options that are:

  • made with sustainable ingredients & by ethical practices
  • products that continue to help others with a built in charitable give back

Wherever you are in your sustainability or charitable journey, we're here to help your company use products with purpose to tell your story.


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Mandi Rudd
Owner, Brand Energy Marketing

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